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Sunday, 24. May 2015

Why Hydroseed Your New Yard?
By slimjim, 12:06

What Is Hydroseeding And Why Use It?

Do you happen to know what hydroseeding is and how you can use it at home? Once you purchase or build your home, you always keep on maintaining it and ensuring that it looks beautiful. Home improvement is continuous and also varies from one homeowner to another. One way of improving your new home is through hydroseeding.

What Is Hydroseeding All About?

Itís said to be a planting procedure of using a slurry of seed and mulch that gets sprayed over an already prepared ground. In other areas, when asked the question: what is hydroseeding, most will tell you that it is an alternative method that is traditionally known as the process of broadcasting dry seed. In the event that you have bought a home in an area that gets exposed to soil erosion or where the vegetation has been burned down, try hydroseeding to make the surface look better. You just need to combine seed, fertilizer, mulch and healthy soil amendments and have them applied with some pressure to the surface for seed germination and some turf development.

Now that you understand what hydroseeding is letís try to know why you should go for it as a means of home improvement. Itís considered as a fast and cost-effective way of getting a lawn. With hydroseeding, you also end up having a lawn that is of high quality and much healthier than traditional yards. Yards made using this procedure are also said to be thicker and have a uniform green grass layout. Another reason you should try hydroseeding is its ability to control soil erosion apart from being a faster and easier method to have a lawn than the sod method. You are also able to manage the whole procedure without much labor involved as you just need a hydroseeder to distribute the slurry. In case you have kids and pets in your house, hydroseeding will provide an option of getting grass that is safe and non-toxic for them. Itís also a procedure that causes no harm to the environment.

The Hydroseeding Business

The hydroseeding business can be done from home. Some people have named this hydro mulching because a mulch is sprayed that holds water so the grass seed will not dry out. All is needed in a machine and some supplies. You will need a way to transport the hydroseed machine which will probably be a trailer mount machine pulled by a truck. If you have the money you can purchase a truck mount machine but most people start off with a trailer mount machine for around 20 to 30 thousand dollars new. This business has a good profit margin plus you save the home owner money. This business can be run by one person so it makes for a great home business.

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